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Billing Department: 346-800-1004 | Scheduling Department: 1-877-494-9487

Standard Estimates & Charges

Townsen Memorial Hospital prioritizes safe, effective, and affordable care. We strive to provide the best patient experience across all Townsen Memorial affiliates. As part of the 2019 IPPS Final Rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Townsen Memorial Hospital Group now provides a list of standard hospital charges known as the Charge Description Master (CDM).

This list compiles the charge of services for all patients, regardless of insurance coverage or out-of-pocket payment. The specific technical language and medical descriptions used in Townsen Memorial Hospital’s chargemaster may not be helpful to patients trying to understand their potential financial liability.

Specific patient inquiries regarding charges and estimates should be directed to our billing department at (346) 800-1004.

Disclaimer: Charges are the same for all patients, regardless of ability to pay or insurance company coverage. Charges are not necessarily the actual expected reimbursement from health insurance companies which are contracted with Townsen Memorial Hospital at the time the services are rendered. Our reimbursement depends on a variety of factors, including negotiated health plan rates, fixed government rates (Medicare and Medicaid), and the patient’s ability to pay. Our charges and reimbursement may be impacted by factors such as whether a procedure was performed on an inpatient or outpatient basis, physician orders, comorbidities and complications and their extent, and specialty services and procedures.

Please review Townsen Memorial Hospital’s CDM, as required by federal law, below.

Revised April 12th, 2023