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Have you experienced swelling or long term pain in your feet? If the answer is yes, we recommend that you consider visiting one of our experienced podiatrists as soon as possible. Chronic pain and swelling in the feet can be a sign of a larger problem at bay. It is important to ensure that the symptoms you’re experiencing aren’t due a larger health issue that can cause major issues down the road. Fortunately, at Townsen Memorial Hospital and ER, our podiatrists have extensive experience in treating all issues of the feet, in order to help patient get back to normal in no time. 


Podiatry is a medical specialty involving the treatment of the feet. Podiatrists are healthcare professionals who are trained to professionally treat conditions of a person’s feet and their lower limbs. Podiatrists should not be confused with orthopedists, who specialize in medical and surgical management of all the bones ad joints in the whole body. A podiatrist only concerns themselves with the foot and ankle of their patient. Here at Townsen Memorial Hospital, our podiatrists are trained to treat a variety of conditions involving a patient’s feet, such as:

        • Fungal Nails
        • Nail Infections
        • Ingrown Nails
        • Foot Fractures
        • Persistent Foot Pain
        • Intense Swelling 


At Townsen Memorial Hospital and ER, our podiatrists have the ability to treat a variety of specific problems in the feet, including those dealing with the skin of the feet. These problems include:

        • Corns
        • Calluses
        • Bunions
        • Heel Spurs
        • Ingrown Toenails
        • Arch Problems
        • Shortened TENDONS
        • Cysts
        • Bone disorders
        • Abscesses
        • Arthritis
        • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
        • Foot Deformities
        • Hammer Toe

At Townsen Memorial Hospital, we value the health of our clients, making sure they are as healthy as they can be while providing assistance along the way to those patients who need it. With patients as our first priority, we promise to perform treatment as necessary and that you can fully trust us.